2012 Online Exchange Program

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Connecting to Collections:
Continuing Conversation Exchange

Fundraising for Preservation:
How C2C Statewide grantees can help their constituents raise funds for collections care and increase support for their state initiative

  • Host: Laura Hortz Stanton, Director of Preservation Services, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts, Philadelphia, PA
  • Lee Price, Director of Development, Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts, Philadelphia, PA
  • Barclay Ogden, Director for Library Preservation, University for California-Berkeley and California C2C Statewide Planning and Implementation Grants

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Conducting Meaningful Evaluation:
How C2C Statewide grantees can effectively measure the impact of their program activities

  • Host: Kristen Laise, Vice President of Collections Care Programs, Heritage Preservation, Washington, DC
  • Christine Reich, Director of Research and Evaluation, Museum of Science, Boston, MA and Chair of American Association of Museums’ Committee on Audience Research and Evaluation
  • Scott Carrlee, Curator of Museum Services, Alaska State Museums in Juneau, AK and Alaska C2C Statewide Planning Grant
  • Erika N. Feldman, Ph.D., Research Scientist, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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Building Effective and Innovative Partnerships:
How C2C Statewide grants are providing opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and reach out to new groups

  • Host: Gina L. B. Minks, Imaging & Preservation Service Manager, Amigos Library Services, Dallas, TX and Arkansas C2C Statewide Planning Grant
  • Michele Stricker, Assistant Director, Library Development Bureau, New Jersey State Library, New Jersey C2C Statewide Planning Grant
  • Margaret Mary Layne, Executive Director, Huntington Museum of Art, Huntington, WV and West Virginia C2C Statewide Planning Grant
  • Randy Silverman, Preservation Librarian, University of Utah Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, UT and Utah C2C Statewide Planning Grant

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 ‎2012 C2C Exchange – Salt Lake City, UT‎

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome and Introductions (Video)

Overview of the Connecting to Collections Digital Archive (Video, Presentation, Handouts)
Panel: Building Regional Networks
Panel: Taking Disaster Planning to the Next Level

Disaster Planning Table Top Exercise Demonstration

Lunch with Poster Session

Roundtable: C2C Project Sustainability

Tour of Church History Library

Dinner at the Alta Club with Keynote Speaker Eileen Hallet Stone

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Connecting to Collections Tools You Can Use: The Sequel

Friday, October 5, 2012

Boots on the Ground C2C Outreach Projects

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